Conor McGregor Promises To Knock Out Floyd Mayweather Inside 3 rounds

Conor McGregor Promises To Knock Out Floyd Mayweather Inside 3 rounds

The brash Irishman, Conor McGeror has promised to finish his opponent, Floyd Mayweather within 4 rounds when the UFC champion takes on the former boxing world champion on the 26th August in Las Vegas. Punters have taken note of the brash Irish man’s prediction and backed an early rounds win for McGregor with bookmakers reporting heavy interest in McGregor to win in rounds 1-4. Rounds 1-4 are all available at a best priced 40/1 for each of those rounds, making cumulative odds of 9.25/1.

The betting markets suggest the fight could last around 7 – 8 rounds with Floyd Mayweather a solid 1/5 favourite. If you think Mayweather will do to McGregor what Macgregor himself is predicting then you can gets odds between 18/1 and 28/1 for rounds 1-4; the betting markets suggest a round 6 win for Mayweather is the most likely result in the rounds betting markets.

This match-up could be a total miss-match with one the world’s greatest boxers taking on an opponent who has never been in a boxing match, at an amateur level, never mind professionally. While McGregor has a size and weight advantage and youth on his side against the 40-year-old Mayweather; only 2 years ago he beat Manny Pacquiano in a huge fight.

While Mayweather is some 5 years past his prime, he should have too much for the hungry McGregor. Though the majority of bets have been for McGregor, the big money will be piling in to Mayweather. For the average punter, 1/5 just doesn’t appeal but neither does McGregor at 5/1.

If McGregor does come out attacking then it could play right in to the hands of the defensive Mayweather who may get some great chances to counter-attack early; Mayweather in rounds 1-4 combined that could pay over 4/1.

16 Aug 2017