Floyd Mayweather Jr v Conor McGregor

27 Aug 2017 > 27 Aug 2017

Mayweather Stops McGregor in Round 10

Mayweather Stops McGregor in Round 10

The most hyped up clash in boxing history took place early Sunday morning and it lived up to expectations for most, with Mayweather stopping McGregor in the 10th round, after the referee stepped in to save the Irishman from further punishment.

Many in boxing had predicted an easy win for the undefeated Mayweather, but the Irishman went 10 rounds against the professional boxer and was on top in the opening rounds.

As the match went on it swung to the boxer who was more accustomed to long fights, compared to the MMA fights that may only last a few minutes. Mayweather’s stamina kicked in and was becoming more dominant as the match went on, the referee stepped in to stop the match in the 10th round as Mayweather rained punches down on McGregor with little reply.

Though defeated, the Irishman comes out of the fight with a lot of credit, going 10 rounds against the undefeated Mayweather who has won all 50 professional bouts, and against some of the all-time greats. He was dominant in the early rounds and maybe conditioning and stamina to go the long fights wore him down.

The two boxers earned a mouth-watering sum between them for the bout, estimated to be around half a billion dollars, with the majority going the way of the American.

After the win, Mayweather heads off in to retirement again, but for how long considering the monstrous amounts of money to be made? McGregor already wants a rematch, and with the performance he put up it could be on the cards, and it could be even closer this time. Fight fans in the UK coughed up £20 a time for pay-per-view on Sky, while in the US they were paying $100 a time to watch at home.

It has been a money-making juggernaut for the industry and for the bookies especially. When markets first opened, Mayweather was put in a dominant favourite that gave McGregor no chance. As McGregor talked a big fight and predicted he would stop the American within 4 rounds, punters lumped on and forced his price down, with many backing an early win for the MMA fighter, and it looked possible with McGregor taking the early rounds.

Mayweather has said there will be no rematch, but with a mountain of money on the table it’s very likely he’ll be tempted to change his mind.

27 Aug 2017